Dreaming of becoming a college or professional athlete?

Dreaming of becoming a college or professional athlete?

The number of high school athletes that actually go to play college and pro level is extremely competitive, that’s why you need to be a step ahead of others.

US Pro Soccer Development offers all essential services to help you achieve your goals!

1) Games analysis with statistics and report. Use this service to find out your strength and also things which you need to improve in order to prepare yourself for the higher level of play.

2) Video highlight. Order a professional personalized DVD highlight and make your video stand out from all regular video files, when you introduce yourself to a coach or scout.

3) CV / Resume. We can help you to create a Soccer resume, which is another advantage you can have, when communicating with coaches and providing the information they will be interested in.

Contact us at usprosoccer@gmail.com if you have any questions or you are ready to place the order.